Who we are

Dr.Gopinath's Diagnostic Services, one of the pioneers in Kerala’s advanced medical diagnostics, began as a modest Ultrasound Scanning Center in the year 1991, near the historic Trivandrum Medical College. Over the past three decades the diagnostic center made deep inroads in its diagnostic capabilities while maintaining a Customer Centric approach. The organization has since, strived for a distinct professionalism in its efforts rather than focusing on pure business expansion, eventually occupying a niche position in Trivandrum District.

The organization guided by the vision of Dr. G. Gopinath, an eminent Radiologist himself of more than 30 years standing, has ensured that there is no compromise made on the quality of results, while improving the level of service extended to its customers. He is also a proud recipient of the “Outstanding Commitment in Patient Care “award from the then Honorable CM of Kerala Mr.Ommen Chandy in 2015. Through the organization he has been able to foster a bond of trust and well being in the hearts of Trivandrum, while even the Consultant oriented medical fraternity holds its services in high esteem, making it the most reliable diagnostic factor in critical decisions regarding treatment.

The results of diagnostic tests are the key component for a successful treatment plan, and a precise diagnosis for a disease or health issue is important. We offer a wide range of diagnostic services to patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly. Avail our Service Now